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Consumers Power Inc clients

For Consumers of Power Inc clients

Utilities rebates are cool, but its not enough! You are eligible to claim 100$ free charging credits with the purchase of a FLO home charger! FLO is adding up a 25$ discount on top of that! Use the discount code GO-GREEN-OREGON-25 at checkout.

Steps to obtain the full bundle:
  1. Add the FLO Home™ X5 to your cart.
  2. At checkout, enter promo code: GO-GREEN-OREGON-25 to receive $25 off your purchase
  3. Once your purchase is finalized, complete this form to claim your $100 of FLO On-The-Go credits.
  4. Follow and complete the steps below to receive your utility provider rebate.

Consumers Power Inc is offering it’s customers up to $50 towards the installation of a new FLO Home™ X5 connected charger (240V) at the applicant’s CPI served address.

To claim your rebate, you must:

  • Purchase a qualifying Level 2 (240V) connected charging station, such as the FLO Home™ X5.
  • Complete installation of the charger by a licensed electrician that is in compliance with the National Electric Code along with local, county and state requirements.
  • Submit a completed application form with supporting documentation.
  • Allow up to 4 weeks for rebate processing.

Read full summary & eligibility requirements here.

+$100 in charging credits!


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+$100 in charging credits!


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