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FLO Home™ G5 - EV Charging Station

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FLO Home™ G5 is an industry-leading Level 2 EV charging station perfect for powering your EV at home. Its 7.2kW energy transfer speed can recharge your vehicle's battery 5x faster than using a Level 1 120V AC adapter. 

The G5 is built with a 100% aluminum case that provides superior all-season durability and enhanced protection against impact. Its brilliant design is sleek and features built-in cable management to holster the 25ft cable. With a certified operating temperature range of -40°F to 122°F, you can confidently place it outdoor or indoor. 

FLO Home is backed by a 5-year warranty

EV Charging Done Right

High Performance

240V/30A Level 2 charging station that charges 5X faster than a Level 1 outlet. Charges most standard EVs and PHEVs in approximately eight hours.

Robust & Reliable

Single piece aluminum body with a commercial grade 25-foot cable. Certified to withstand frequent use and charge your EV even inextreme weather conditions(-40°F to 122°F).

Safety Certified

Protects your vehicle and your house against fluctuations in the power grid with built-in security features. Can be installed both indoors and outdoors. CSA-certified and meets applicable UL safety standards.

Warranty Coverage

Backed by a 5-year limited warranty. Built with high-quality and durable components that are designed to last.

Rebate Eligibility

FLO Home™chargers are eligible for state & local rebate programs.Click hereto see current incentives in your area.

Universal Compatibility

Works with any EV on the market.
Click hereto check your model.

FLO Home™ G5 - Smart EV Charging Station Documentation

installation guide

Installation by a certified electrical contractor is necessary to ensure your FLO Home installation meets all warranty, electrical and building code requirements. As well as granting eligibility for rebate programs that may be available in your area.

specification Sheet


5 Year